Reach, Win, Train & Send
Founded by Dr. and Mrs. J. O. Reed in 1980, Zion Ministries is a missions minded and ministries linking fellowship, whose heart is to serve those on the mission field and in ministry here and abroad.
Our mission statement is “Making the Word Flesh,” and our goal is to Reach, Win, Train & Send people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Zion Ministries serves as a home base and support for missionaries, national ministers and project ministers in Africa, Asia, Congo, the Americas, India, Mexico, Middle East, Philippines and Romania to name a few.  Zion also serves as a parent fellowship for churches, covering for ministers and training center to those with a call on their lives to serve the Lord and fulfill their vision and destiny in the Body of Christ.

Zion’s Missions Program offers an opportunity to individuals and/or groups to reach out to others by being a “Linking Ministry.”  God is challenging His people to rise to great things, to a great depth of involvement in the harvest to achieve above the normal and beyond the realm of mediocrity.  John Wesley said, “The world is my parish.”  We have but one commission, it is imperative to obey the commandment to go and preach the Gospel to every creature, teaching them to observe all things that our Lord has commanded.  However, we also believe that the Scripture teaches us to be involved in a tangible way with funds, equipment, food and other supplies.

  1. Who's Who
    Dr. Dora Reed is the co-founder and president of Zion Ministries. She and her husband, the late Dr. J. O. Reed founded together the ministry in 1980.
  1. Camp Meeting 2018
    Camp Meeting 2018
    Zion's annual Camp Meeting and Missions Conference 2018! All are welcome.